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Information and Privacy : The 2interact profile, if applied correctly, will greatly assist with improving your communication. The 2interact profile will assess your preference in terms of your style of communications and your behavior in communication. Below are quick descriptors of that :


Communication Styles

Communication Behaviors

ANALYTICAL - give me the facts

METHODICAL - give me an agenda

CONNECTED - give me feelings

VISIONARY - give me the future  

COMPETING - My way or the highway

ACCOMMODATING - it is your way

AVOIDING - let's not deal with it

COLLABORATING - let's negotiate  


This profile has been used very successfully in improving communication in many different areas. Some of the areas include management communication, team communication, team building, project team creation, sales, marketing and many other areas.


Used correctly you will improve your communication dramatically.


The profile questionnaire consists of some generic information about yourself as well as 12 questions to determine your preferred way of communication. There is no right or wrong as we all differ, so please enjoy it and utilize the results. You will be asked a number of questions where on each question you will select the statements in the sequence of your preference. Please make sure that you first select the most descriptive of you and follow that until there are no more statements left in a question. Do this for each question.Once completed your results will be emailed to you.


We collect information from you when you do our profile. The email address you provide will only be used to send you the report and information pertaining to your report and profile. Your private information will not be stored on our online servers and will not be disclosed to any outside parties for whatever reason.