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Communication Intelligence

Knowing that we differ in our communication and applying it

We all want to be successful in whatever we do, Success builds on success, but why are so many not reaching that? Communication is the number 1 issue in sales, in teams at all levels, in companies, in procurement, in education, in negotiation and in most other work and personal related areas. It is the main contributor to success ..... or failure. We are not talking about process driven communication, but communication from a human perspective ... understanding people.

That is exactly what we do at 2interact. We provide a framework for communication to show how people differ, we then show you where you fit in that framework and finally make it real and practical for your environment. 


The 2interact workshops presented by partners globally specialize in one of the following areas : general communication, sales, projects, information technology,  procurement, negotiation or education.

My Profile 

This profile together with appropriate workshops or coaching will change your communication greatly. This award-winning profile forms the basis of all workshops or interventions.

My 1-on-1 Profile

See how you and another person will communicate and understand what to change. For coaching or to improve any relationship. The prerequisite is both do an individual profile.

My Team Profile

This profile shows your team's communication internally and externally and potential issues. Communication is THE contributor to success or failure. Prerequisite is that all do an individual profile.

"The integration of research, experience, the 2interact profiles and the 2interact workshops are absolutely world class. That together with making it practical and real are true differentiators in performance. We have seen the difference at all levels and roles. Great success! I would recommend 2interact to company."  Executive Consultant - Global consulting company 

We want people to change their lives and success through communication. If you can get people to believe what you believe, magic happens.


The 2interact profiles and workshops are used to improve the way we communicate and take in information. Whether you are selling, in a team or studying, you will find value in the profile. Try it now and see the difference it will make to your life.

The profiles and workshops use the following model to help us understand how people differ in their communication. The model consists of styles of communication (what you communicate) and behaviors in communication (how you communicate). Below a bit more about that.


Styles of Communication




Behaviors in Communication



And we all have tendencies in WHAT we communicate as well as in HOW we communicate. We all have preferences in the above. Empower yourself with knowledge of different communication styles and communication behaviours. Find out your own, understand the other person .... and watch the difference.